A beautiful bright smile can draw people to you, but maybe you are self-conscious about your yellow teeth. Let’s discuss the different methods available to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile:

If you want to know how to make white teeth fast, you can have your teeth professionally whitened at your dentist’s office for under $700.00. This is the fastest way to the whitest smile. Your dentist first will discuss shades of white with you, showing you color charts. Then, he will apply a protectant on your gums. A high potency hydrogen peroxide solution is applied, and whitening is accomplished. The extent of the whitening will not be apparent for two weeks, but you will immediately notice a difference.

The next option to whiten your teeth is to purchase a take-home kit from your dentist. This could cost anywhere between $100 and $400. This method is often considered the most efficient in the end. You use lower powered peroxide at home and usually leave it on overnight in a tray that looks like a football mouth guard.

The last option, and the most economical, if you are wondering how to make white teeth on a budget, is commercially purchased white strips. These are available now in many different brands. They can cost anywhere from $20 to $100 with sizeable coupons available in almost every Sunday newspaper. The earliest products were something you did at home, similar to the take-home kit from your dentists. The newest innovations have strips that are barely noticeable and can be worn without a problem through the course of your day. These also use an even lower concentration of peroxide than the one the dentist sells.

With all methods, there is maintenance involved if you want to keep your new bright smile. You will need to do routine reapplications, and avoid certain food and drinks.

As with almost any procedure, there are a few risks, not anything significant. Some people experience sensitivity for a short while after the office procedure. There might be a slight gum irritation from the trays. If you have had extensive dental work, there may be some significant variations in color because the dental work is not whitened. Pregnant women are advised not to use teeth whitening agents, because it is yet unknown what effect swallowing some peroxide might have on the unborn baby.

You will soon be drawing new friends with your whiter, brighter smile when you learn how to make white teeth. It is easy to accomplish, and there are methods for every lifestyle and budget.

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